Circle of Life

As I looked on at my pretty daughter looking at herself in the mirror, preparing for school, she turned and said to me, “Mum, I am prettier than you”. I smiled and said, “But of course, you are”.

She left excited at her achievement and I smiled at that realization. Then I called her back and said to her “you are indeed prettier than I am; I hope you know your daughter will be prettier than you!”. She looked at me wondering and asked, “Is that always the case mum”? I answered, “It is the CIRCLE OF LIFE!” Read more

Open Letter to Tolani

As I lifted up my hand in worship in my private place, I felt good and unburdened.

I felt like laying me down to sleep in the middle of an unusually busy day. Inspiration came to me, strength like I had not experienced in a long time. I sat down, closed my eyes smiling and thinking within me – this is my place of rest. This is where I want to be, I feel myself reaching deeper and deeper into that place of peace, that place of receiving, where I am not running around, where I can just be! Where I feel totally at ease and rejuvenated. Read more


My eyes lit up at the idea of listing some of my fears for today’s edition. What if, instead of fear, we choose to have faith and confidence in ourselves regardless of anything?

If you are my friend either directly or indirectly, I bet one of your fears is on the list – enjoy the ride.



Soft Yet Strong

Are you in touch with your femininity? I thought about the last time I shed any tear, which, by the way, was a couple of days ago. I smiled because I could not remember shedding any tears in the last five years.

Until now.

I felt so serene and soft and it dawned on me that I had totally shifted from my feminine self into a masculine state of mind and I didn’t know how to shift back. I probably continued in this masculine gear because of the wrong notion that i had that strength is more resident in the masculine state of mind.

Need I tell you that softness is not weakness. I remember my friend Yele who is always firm in decision making and cannot be pushed around. Yele will be the first person to shed tears when watching a movie. When overwhelmed emotionally and tears come, he would allow himself the luxury of crying.

The dictionary explains that a woman’s femininity is the fact that she is a woman. As a woman, are you afraid of being soft? This is the very essence of womanhood. We are supposed to have a soft exterior and a strong interior, the very reason our womb is on the inside. When the reverse is the case, you change the order of nature. Then you are perceived to be a man.

I am soft yet strong. I am proudly a woman.


You have a Choice

As I watched my friend try to contain her excitement because of her recent invitation to attend an interview for a Management Level Position in a good company, i felt very happy for her. I knew how hard she had worked and prayed for this day to come.

Suddenly, her phone rang and the call was from her son’s school, telling her to come to the school immediately. There was an emergency and her son needed medical attention. Frantically, she tried to start her car while her mind raced ahead of her to the school. Read more


I am laughing at myself as I remember my excitement at the MC’s announcement. I had romanced with the idea of opening a pleasuring school for a while. What I mean by a pleasuring school is a school where women will be thought the very art of understanding and pleasing their men.

Fast forward to the present, you can now imagine my bubbling excitement at a friend’s Bridal Shower when the MC announced a 30 minute class by a sex therapist, as the next thing on the agenda.  Read more


My daughter’s new found friend Siri – an App on my iPhone. I have overheard her ask Siri some downright ridiculous questions and I wondered at the responses she got. Last night I couldn’t help my self-rolling in laughter as she asked Siri one of her questions:

DAUGHTER: “Siri do you know what siblings mean?”

SIRI: “Of course I do.”

DAUGHTER: “Do you have any siblings?”

SIRI: “I think I am enough for a family”. Read more

You Can Win!

Sometimes you have to fight. Need I remind you that there is a fighter in every woman?

I remember my fight at different phases of life, the lioness in me rose to the surface as it was triggered by fear or anger at the supposed enemy.

Fast forward to today, every day I stand up for myself. I refuse to be put down, I refuse to be described by someone’s limited vision, and I refuse to be held down by the fear I have of the unknown. Read more

Pearls to Pigs

A number of people submit their curriculum vitae when searching for a job, however, the company selects the few candidates whose qualifications meet the company’s criteria for interview. At the end of the interview session only those candidates who have demonstrated practical skills to match the company’s criteria are then selected for a second level interview or employment as the case may be. Read more