Bare Your Scars

My purpose came to me more precise. The instinct to revolutionise the girl child’s mind, for her to know how to discover and release her strength and worth.

As I recollect my years of struggling and failing, I thought it instructive to share these years with my daughters. To educate, instruct, teach and strengthen them as they journey through life. I have no fear of how my story will be received by them. If my story can only build a stage or a prop for the strength of their character; if my life can propel their self-assertiveness, then my job is done.

My friend hugged me asking me, how can i stop it Enitan? How can i ensure she does not fall into the same trap i am struggling with? This is my friend referring to the trap of compromising her standards at her work place, now her office daughter, a mentee is being drawn by the same potent mix of power, aura and wealth. Smiling in understanding, i said SHARE. If she can handle it – share a lot. If she cannot handle it, share enough to get her attention – but by all means SHARE!

“The wolf mother is extremely intuitive when it comes to raising her pups. She knows their needs and follows her instincts to provide. The wolf mother is also protective of her young, keeping them in the den until the pups are sufficiently capable to survive outside of the den. The female wolf is also extremely unselfish, demonstrated in her willingness to remain in the den herself to provide for her young” from Wolf and Cub, by Tambako Zurich

Oh, how they yearn to listen to our real stories, not only our success stories. Our success stories are out there, they see them all the time. However, we conceal the scars of our years with every sense of maturity and reservation and our daughters cannot relate!

Why can they not relate, you ask me? They cannot relate because we are PERFECT and they are unable to share their questions, fears and weaknesses, for this reason, they struggle alone.

Rouse yourself woman!  It is time to give strength to the ones coming behind you, if you ever felt unworthy. Let your power and worth flow out of the fact that you can infuse the next generation with strength from your stories.

There is joy in the knowledge that you can help mould at least one mind as you give release to the beautiful voice on your inside.

Don’t you forget you are a Woman.

2 thoughts on “Bare Your Scars

  1. Many demoralise and kill theirself under the burden of silence and loneliness;not knowing that many had pass thru similar things.
    Sharing can relief this burden and pain.
    Remain bless ma!

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