Buy One Get Two Free

Thinking about the conversation from way back, I could not help but smile at my friend’s coined slogan for my circumstance.

My good friend Tee had been asking for a date which I consistently declined, in our discussion he told me he had thought of it all. The role he intends to play and how fortunate he is. Using his exact words   -“I mean who goes to the market to buy an item and ends up getting 3 and would not be excited”.

That was Tee referring to my lovely daughters as the extra blessings.

The mind shift! what others consider a burden, a liability, an hideous mistake of the past, I advertise and show to the world as my blessings.

What is the difference? Why am I showcasing what others seek to hide?  “ PERCEPTION”

It is beautiful when you say it is! It is ugly when you say it is! Now is the time to reach into our depth. Oh, to the very core of our beauty and power, and name it what you will!

As a woman don’t you forget you have a voice and you are all that….

6 thoughts on “Buy One Get Two Free

  1. Please accept tee #aromanticheart#😊 plus I like the perception. Indeed we are what we say we are. Inspiring piece. Thanks for sharing.

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