Circle of Life

As I looked on at my pretty daughter looking at herself in the mirror, preparing for school, she turned and said to me, “Mum, I am prettier than you”. I smiled and said, “But of course, you are”.

She left excited at her achievement and I smiled at that realization. Then I called her back and said to her “you are indeed prettier than I am; I hope you know your daughter will be prettier than you!”. She looked at me wondering and asked, “Is that always the case mum”? I answered, “It is the CIRCLE OF LIFE!”

“You are too kind and I don’t deserve you”, I smiled weakly as I watched my daughter take care of me in a weak moment.

“Ha mum, but you have done much more than this for me, have you forgotten those days you took care of me and you still do? Moreso, it is the circle of life”

I read somewhere that the Circle of Life represents nature’s way of taking and giving back life to the earth.

How positively refreshing would you feel if you knew that for every satisfaction you derive or enjoy, you are giving value back in equal measures or more. If you knew that you are not just taking but also giving back in return, wouldn’t you be more deliberate in your actions.

You are a woman for a purpose, I so believe in purpose that I have never wished to be anything else.

If you were to give energy back to this circle of life, how well are you doing? Are you giving as much as you are taking?

The nature of a woman to nurture and give, transcends our environment and limitations as we reach out to the circle around us, giving as much as we receive, until we are able to give more than we receive. That is when you are called an alive woman, a real woman!

As we touch the lives around us beyond those we carried in our womb, we are fulfilled knowing we have strengthened our circle.

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