For Granted

With a smile, I thought within me, I had no idea how much I must have taken for granted, people sweating to make me comfortable.

Seated in the church auditorium while my daughters go through their dance practice, I was writing in my notepad when these beautiful ladies came around with rags and buckets, sweating and cleaning the seats around me.

For years, I had always felt comfortable in this very seat that others have laboured to clean. What are the things you have taken for granted? What gifts are you sitting on that others laboured to produce or should I say, what sweat should you bring forth that should be a gift to others?

You think you have nothing to offer? You think you are depleted? Tired and want to be by yourself? Are you a woman? Then you have strength like no other, you have a core, you are powerful, the greatest of all is that you can conceive anything and bring it to birth.

In a piece about the Eagle, I read that the she pays no attention to the concerns of her young as she prepares to pull the nest apart, for she is determined that those little ones will fly, and she knows something they don’t. She knows they will never fly as long as they remain in the nest.

My childhood friend had this to say to me “I had always thought that after marriage I will have a big business or supermarket set up for me by my husband, while I have time to nurture our children – that was my dream until life happened”.

With all her dreams shattered, her husband dead and no one to turn to, she had to deal with self – pity, depression, healing and recognition of who she is as a woman.

She decided to be all she was created for. She got tired of being an object of deserved pity. She took one step after the other and now, when people ask her – HOW? She smiles and says “I did not know I had it in me – NECCESSITY pushed my strength and focus to the surface”

What have you conceived? What is your gift?

Remember you have a voice and you are all that you conceive and more…

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