Just Because


I have a voice and you are all that!

I am proud of you. I said to my girls as I gave them a fist bump each while driving them to school.

Mum what did we do? Asked the younger one and with no doubt in my mind I replied. Just because!

Just because you are my daughters. Just because I love you. Just because you are all that you are.

As a woman, what is your Just Because? When are you your confident and beautiful self? Not trying to prove anything to anybody. Not trying to fight for attention within or without, just being you.

You are not hoping or looking for any stamp of approval nor confirmation. You are you! Doing what you do or being who you are just because you are all that your mind can conceive.

Beautiful, Powerful, Confident, Fruitful, Precious, Rich, Deserving and many more. Your title is what your voice addresses you as.

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