Let Go

When you try to hold on tight to someone it is most times indicative that you are holding tight because the other is resisting.

As I let go of him, understanding that “letting go “does not mean “let him go”, I drew strength from the knowledge I have, that the woman should not be the one doing the work of pursuing, chasing and convincing.

An American adage by EDDIE FISHER says” A man chases a girl until SHE CATCHES HIM” I let him go knowing if he is mine he should do the chase thing.

My thoughts raced. What if in the process of letting go, I let him go? What then would I do? Like a circle of life, I will feel pain, anger and then I will heal and would once more be ready for the world.

Thinking of the story of EVE the first woman, when she was introduced to Adam, she stood in her place while Adam did all the chasing.

Orthodox? Old school? Call it what you will, it is interesting that 8 out of every 10 guys I discussed with have had more fun and excitement doing the chase, which invariably heightened their attraction for the lady.

My model girlfriend mentioned to me recently” a man that wants you will not leave you in doubt as to what he wants”. When you are in doubt as to what he wants, then it is time to STEP BACK AND REVIEW, making yourself your priority!

Woman, is your heart in pain? It will heal.  Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Don’t.

Pain does not in any way diminish your strength nor capacity. It is just a phase.

Stand up in strength and create your emotional world with your words.

Don’t you forget you are a WOMAN and you are all that you say you are!

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