My Child, Our Nation

Speak to the Nation in your child. Would you call a Nation foolish or cursed?

Call out the nation in your children. Call it out to respond to the voice of who bore them. Announce to them, what you want to see them become.

Watching Asa prance all over the stage doing her thing while the crowd urged her on by shouting words of love and encouragement to her at Eko Hotel, I could not help but wonder at the pride in her mother’s heart. My heart swelled at the pride I felt, for being first, a woman and a mother.

While womanhood is a huge task, it is indeed a privilege to be one. Knowing this, I consciously build the block of the future I want to see in my children – our nation.

Woman, you are a multiplier! You not only multiply what you are given, you also transform all that is given you. Little wonder you incubate the semen to become a baby and a baby to become a child.

Thomas Edison wrote of his mother, “I did not have my mother long, but she cast over me a good influence that lasted all my life”

Seeing that the very root of our nation depends on the destinies you release into it, what names are you calling the lives around you?

Never you forget that as a woman with a womb, your assignment is not only to conceive, you must also call it what it is!

Woman it is what you say it is!

6 thoughts on “My Child, Our Nation

  1. True words sis. Indeed the influence of a woman is far reaching, this we must never forget, especially in the time of pain & anger; never to speak out of it. Thanks for sharing.

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