My Child, Our Nation

Speak to the Nation in your child. Would you call a Nation foolish or cursed?

Call out the nation in your children. Call it out to respond to the voice of who bore them. Announce to them, what you want to see them become.

Watching Asa prance all over the stage doing her thing while the crowd urged her on by shouting words of love and encouragement to her at Eko Hotel, I could not help but wonder at the pride in her mother’s heart. My heart swelled at the pride I felt, for being first, a woman and a mother. Read more

Bare Your Scars

My purpose came to me more precise. The instinct to revolutionise the girl child’s mind, for her to know how to discover and release her strength and worth.

As I recollect my years of struggling and failing, I thought it instructive to share these years with my daughters. To educate, instruct, teach and strengthen them as they journey through life. I have no fear of how my story will be received by them. If my story can only build a stage or a prop for the strength of their character; if my life can propel their self-assertiveness, then my job is done. Read more

Battered & Beaten

Battered and beaten by issues of life, you feel you have a reason to be on the floor, waiting to be lifted and helped by someone, anybody?

It is time to get up, shake yourself and muster strength and courage to stand up from where you are. It is time to make active the latent deposits you have in you. No one can do it, but you.

The eagle’s attitude is very interesting as it takes advantage of the very storm other birds fear and run to hide from:  The eagle soars with perfect ease on the winds of the same current to reach greater heights.

As I sat down pondering on the things I could have done, but did not do, I repeatedly told myself I will not make me small for anybody, I will not be quiet and I will not be compromised.

Is it me or the society in me? Why must I project myself in society’s label before I am accepted and deemed worthy of the value I am and deserve?

I stand, I took a step and a step and yet another step and being battered then, celebrated now.

I am responsible for my power, for my value, for my presentation. To others who have been beaten or battered then and now, I dare say GET UP! The end of the journey is near.

Wondering, I know no one can stop me from my wonderings but me. No one can shake me and set me on my feet. Despite the weakness there is a power resonating on the inside. The will and the totality of what I stand for, reminds me that I have a voice and I am all that……………….. I draw strength from it all

Buy One Get Two Free

Thinking about the conversation from way back, I could not help but smile at my friend’s coined slogan for my circumstance.

My good friend Tee had been asking for a date which I consistently declined, in our discussion he told me he had thought of it all. The role he intends to play and how fortunate he is. Using his exact words   -“I mean who goes to the market to buy an item and ends up getting 3 and would not be excited”. Read more

Ugly Story

In retrospect, I remember my friend from Cameroun saying “don’t you worry, people are going to talk. They are going to say all sorts about you. The very story you told that brings comfort to a lot of people, some others have turned it to an ugly story”.

I smiled in confidence knowing that I am in a good place, thinking and praying fervently – Oh God, make my story beautiful. I want people to know I have been in not too many beautiful places. However, I am now in a beautiful place from where I tell my story. Read more