Pearls to Pigs

A number of people submit their curriculum vitae when searching for a job, however, the company selects the few candidates whose qualifications meet the company’s criteria for interview. At the end of the interview session only those candidates who have demonstrated practical skills to match the company’s criteria are then selected for a second level interview or employment as the case may be.

The new employment is often times contingent upon probation for 6 months or more. The probation period totally depends on the company’s policy. Why should you consider one who never applied for the job? It is common knowledge that when purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable.

Why give benefits in full when confirmation is not certain? Your confirmation is your desired end for the relationship; your confirmation is your choice.

Well-structured companies will not employ unqualified personnel out of pity or desperation. In the same vein, they are not likely to give confirmation until probation period is over.

Woman!  Friends with benefits will only hurt you!

Why pretend that you don’t care? The woman’s basic instinct is to receive love and seek security. Why try to match the freelance nature of the man? Oh! How beautiful and extremely powerful womanhood is.

As a woman you are to stand your ground! Take your time and know that when you give a job to someone who never applied, he is unlikely to give you his best.

In the same vein do not be in a haste to confirm a man’s emotional proposal without adequate probation period.

You have self-worth, know it, understand it, enjoy it, live it and do not cast your pearls to pigs!

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