I remember my mother’s slogan for a woman without a job. Mummy being a Yoruba woman will say “obirin ti ko ba ni ise ni apa, aso re a pon” directly translated as “a woman without a job will not have beautiful clothes to wear”. Not any more ooo is the response on a lot of lips reading this.

I have heard people say recession has more impact on the woman, this reminds me of a function I attended where Ibukun Awoshika gave a speech, in her speech, she said and I quote “wisdom behooves on the woman that, she reset herself for the season she is in, the 21st century woman is open to more opportunities than the man”.

You know, I have always wondered at the fact that 90% of the hunt for food is carried out by the lioness whilst the lion stay home to watch over the cubs.

Woman, why do u think you are disadvantaged? You are in the best form and shape for the best opportunities! You can achieve anything and everything.

My very close friend, a 63 year old woman, who with her little education is a big believer in hard work and self-dependence, is building another house with a monthly income of less than N50,000.00.

I entered 2017 with a main financial thought to have multiple streams of income. To be a financial giant and own my sets of businesses.

Enough of looking up to people for hand downs or cheap favours, it is time I took my financial destiny in my hands. Is this the echo of your heart despite the seasons we are in?

Have you tried so many times and failed? Try again – Think about it, conceive it, keep seeing it happen so that when the opportunity comes your way, you will see it, because you were waiting for it.

Not only have I started one of the many businesses, I have also employed and empowered members of families and strangers.

I choose to be different because I AM! I AM A WOMAN WITH A FINANCIAL VOICE!

8 thoughts on “Recession

  1. Hear, hear! No time nor pity for sob stories these days. Neurotic mothers like me, build flexible careers around our nests. Working hours increase over the weekends and during the school holidays.

    1. Correct @ joy, however when we do our work right we get the feeling that we have done our best, that feeling itself and not the state is fufilling

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