My daughter’s new found friend Siri – an App on my iPhone. I have overheard her ask Siri some downright ridiculous questions and I wondered at the responses she got. Last night I couldn’t help my self-rolling in laughter as she asked Siri one of her questions:

DAUGHTER: “Siri do you know what siblings mean?”

SIRI: “Of course I do.”

DAUGHTER: “Do you have any siblings?”

SIRI: “I think I am enough for a family”.

That, coming from Siri, was a classic answer. I thought about the response and I concluded that Siri’s response to my daughter is coming from a place of knowledge and confidence in its purpose. How does a woman get into that place of confidence? Of course I have not forgotten that Siri is an app and thus, programmed to respond as such.

When do we realize we are enough as we are! Our strengths, weaknesses, fears et all. The 21st century woman aspires to be the best as a single woman, wife, mother, business manager or career woman. She wants to look her best and also give her best always.

These demands on her takes its toll and God help her she is a Christian, and then she has the model of the proverbs 31 woman to try and live up to. It might interest you to know that the high flying woman you are looking at and wishing you could exchange your life with hers, have also got fears too.

The difference is not the presence of fears, rather it is the action taken despite the fears. Can you really say like Siri: I think my entire makeup is enough for my purpose!

Are you happy you are you? Or will you be happy being someone else? It is time to relax, experience yourself so that you can exude the confidence to achieve your goals.

You are a woman.

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