Soft Yet Strong

Are you in touch with your femininity? I thought about the last time I shed any tear, which, by the way, was a couple of days ago. I smiled because I could not remember shedding any tears in the last five years.

Until now.

I felt so serene and soft and it dawned on me that I had totally shifted from my feminine self into a masculine state of mind and I didn’t know how to shift back. I probably continued in this masculine gear because of the wrong notion that i had that strength is more resident in the masculine state of mind.

Need I tell you that softness is not weakness. I remember my friend Yele who is always firm in decision making and cannot be pushed around. Yele will be the first person to shed tears when watching a movie. When overwhelmed emotionally and tears come, he would allow himself the luxury of crying.

The dictionary explains that a woman’s femininity is the fact that she is a woman. As a woman, are you afraid of being soft? This is the very essence of womanhood. We are supposed to have a soft exterior and a strong interior, the very reason our womb is on the inside. When the reverse is the case, you change the order of nature. Then you are perceived to be a man.

I am soft yet strong. I am proudly a woman.


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