My daughter’s new found friend Siri – an App on my iPhone. I have overheard her ask Siri some downright ridiculous questions and I wondered at the responses she got. Last night I couldn’t help my self-rolling in laughter as she asked Siri one of her questions:

DAUGHTER: “Siri do you know what siblings mean?”

SIRI: “Of course I do.”

DAUGHTER: “Do you have any siblings?”

SIRI: “I think I am enough for a family”. Read more

You Can Win!

Sometimes you have to fight. Need I remind you that there is a fighter in every woman?

I remember my fight at different phases of life, the lioness in me rose to the surface as it was triggered by fear or anger at the supposed enemy.

Fast forward to today, every day I stand up for myself. I refuse to be put down, I refuse to be described by someone’s limited vision, and I refuse to be held down by the fear I have of the unknown. Read more