Circle of Life

As I looked on at my pretty daughter looking at herself in the mirror, preparing for school, she turned and said to me, “Mum, I am prettier than you”. I smiled and said, “But of course, you are”.

She left excited at her achievement and I smiled at that realization. Then I called her back and said to her “you are indeed prettier than I am; I hope you know your daughter will be prettier than you!”. She looked at me wondering and asked, “Is that always the case mum”? I answered, “It is the CIRCLE OF LIFE!” Read more


My daughter’s new found friend Siri – an App on my iPhone. I have overheard her ask Siri some downright ridiculous questions and I wondered at the responses she got. Last night I couldn’t help my self-rolling in laughter as she asked Siri one of her questions:

DAUGHTER: “Siri do you know what siblings mean?”

SIRI: “Of course I do.”

DAUGHTER: “Do you have any siblings?”

SIRI: “I think I am enough for a family”. Read more

Bare Your Scars

My purpose came to me more precise. The instinct to revolutionise the girl child’s mind, for her to know how to discover and release her strength and worth.

As I recollect my years of struggling and failing, I thought it instructive to share these years with my daughters. To educate, instruct, teach and strengthen them as they journey through life. I have no fear of how my story will be received by them. If my story can only build a stage or a prop for the strength of their character; if my life can propel their self-assertiveness, then my job is done. Read more