Ugly Story

In retrospect, I remember my friend from Cameroun saying “don’t you worry, people are going to talk. They are going to say all sorts about you. The very story you told that brings comfort to a lot of people, some others have turned it to an ugly story”.

I smiled in confidence knowing that I am in a good place, thinking and praying fervently – Oh God, make my story beautiful. I want people to know I have been in not too many beautiful places. However, I am now in a beautiful place from where I tell my story.

I was jolted from my thoughts and prayers realizing that I need to tell my story, tell it the way it is from where I am. The memories, the pains, the abuse, longing and unrealized dreams, I look back and smile, hoping it was never there! But It was! I look ahead and jump, knowing the past is history and i refuse to be bound or labelled by it. Now i realize, that telling it from my present is as important as telling it from the future.

You cannot get to your desired destination without looking ahead.

How desperate are you to leave the past and step into the future while in the present? It is a journey and every point of this journey will have its pruning and its beauty to be enjoyed on the way.

You are strong, beautiful because of the journey and you remain a woman.

To stay true to yourself, tell your story in confidence! Enjoy your beauty and strength and be all that you are, never forgetting you have a voice…

4 thoughts on “Ugly Story

  1. Be true to yourself. People are a combinations of different characters, some will learn , others might judge you.
    Real people understand, we are our past, present and future.

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