I am laughing at myself as I remember my excitement at the MC’s announcement. I had romanced with the idea of opening a pleasuring school for a while. What I mean by a pleasuring school is a school where women will be thought the very art of understanding and pleasing their men.

Fast forward to the present, you can now imagine my bubbling excitement at a friend’s Bridal Shower when the MC announced a 30 minute class by a sex therapist, as the next thing on the agenda. Anyways, I could not help wonder at the socialites women sitting all around – here is a group of women all from different walks of life, with most of their needs adequately met. Most interesting of them all is a certain accomplished woman who had been married for 25 years. I watched as she could not contain her excitement at the new things we were seeing and learning.

I can’t tell you how many times a particularly shy lady asked specific questions and we all, at different times, asked the therapist to demonstrate and clarify some of the acts. What resonated within me the most is that at the very basic or natural instinct of a woman is the need to be loved and to express our love, even though how we choose to express our love differs.

When you think of you, what is the most apt description that comes to you? Powerful? Fearful? Confident? Beautiful? Black? Laid back? Lovable?

Excerpts from a book titled Mothers of influence: “She became the country’s first woman to serve as National Security Advisor, simply because she knew who she was, she could not be limited”.

Condoleezza Rice was scolded by a sales clerk for touching a hat in the store, her mum told her to touch every hat in the store. Condoleezza did – happily. She was taught to be unlimited and, armed with this knowledge of herself, she made a long list of firsts”

What if as a woman your natural instinct is to inspire, to be strong, to be heard, to empower, to be unlimited, to be all that you can conceive in your mind where there is neither rein nor restrictions?

You are a woman, so unlimited.

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