You Can Win!

Sometimes you have to fight. Need I remind you that there is a fighter in every woman?

I remember my fight at different phases of life, the lioness in me rose to the surface as it was triggered by fear or anger at the supposed enemy.

Fast forward to today, every day I stand up for myself. I refuse to be put down, I refuse to be described by someone’s limited vision, and I refuse to be held down by the fear I have of the unknown.

Standing in front of the image, I realise that at every opportunity, it did not hesitate to put me down nor tell me how my dreams were unduly tall dreams. How undeserving I am. Were those deliberate attempts at breaking my will?  I really do not know.

What I know is that, every experience makes me stronger and more resolute as I yearn for things others dream of and I reach for what others wish for.

I read that the Eagle does not fight a snake on the ground; the Eagle picks up the snake and takes it to the sky, changing the battle ground to where the eagle is most confident and comfortable.

Who is winning in the battle of your mind? You or Negativity?

Woman! The more they say you can’t, the more you should! Through different experiences, pain and laughter see yourself conceive and bring forth all you ever dreamt of.

From my descent from the furnace of experience, whilst the fire runs through the course of my body as if I was gold that needed to be purified, I glow in the confidence that I am a WOMAN, I am more than I have been described by and I shall re-describe myself knowing that I have a voice and I am all that I say I am.


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