You have a Choice

As I watched my friend try to contain her excitement because of her recent invitation to attend an interview for a Management Level Position in a good company, i felt very happy for her. I knew how hard she had worked and prayed for this day to come.

Suddenly, her phone rang and the call was from her son’s school, telling her to come to the school immediately. There was an emergency and her son needed medical attention. Frantically, she tried to start her car while her mind raced ahead of her to the school.

“Please let me drive you”, I told her. I knew without a doubt that, she was unlikely to make it to the school in one piece if she drove herself.

Things happened very fast from then on. From the school to the hospital and different laboratories to carry out medical test on the boy. She stayed in the hospital with her son for 2 weeks before they were discharged. A normally healthy boy had to learn how to walk again. Tope stayed with her son at home for another week to nurse him back to health, she was not ready to hand him over to anybody after going through the hospital experience.

She called the Management of the company she had the interview engagement with, she reminded them of their promise to reschedule her interview, because she had informed them of her son’s illness and her stay with him in the hospital. The Managing Director, a gentleman, confirmed the company’s promise and asked her to come for her interview the following week.

“Oh we are very sorry madam, we had a 5-man panel for the interview session and of the 7 candidates that showed up, we already picked the best man for the job. You will agree with me, madam, that we cannot simply set up another interview panel for you alone. We are really sorry but we already have our candidate, hope no hard feelings madam”.

Tope felt very weak on the spot but braced herself and answered “Not at all sir, I believe strongly that at the time of the interview, I was where I should be – by my son’s side. Should that happen again, I will make the same choice!”

Eight months later she got the same job and every time she looks back, she is grateful for the choice she made. For Tope to stay with her son at that time was a no brainer. Even when she did not get the job, she felt pained but not regrets at her choice.

Some say there is no good or bad choice as long as you are happy with the choice you make. Are you happy with the choices you made in the past or do you wish you did things differently? What results are you seeing now? Your present result is often time based on your past choices.

As a woman, I realize that I do have a choice! My compromise, my sacrifice, my give-in, my fight, through all of these I have always had a choice. My compromise was never out of lack of choices.

What choices have you made? What results are you getting? Can we turn back the hands of time? Absolutely not, but we can make new choices that will bring new results in the future.

Pressing forward, I choose not to live in the past, I consciously review my previous choices, I make my new choices the foundation for my future results. Don’t you ever forget that as a woman – YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE!




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  1. Totally agree that I have a choice & not making a choice is a choice in itself. Thanks for sharing. More grace.

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